Change Log – January 16, 2023

by Changelog

Beta releases can be scary. 

In an ideal scenario, we would only release “picture perfect” software at the optimal time, and then sit back and toast to our inevitable success. However, the process is almost never that straightforward in real life. Instead, it’s an often uncomfortable learning experience where we intentionally subject our assertions and enhancements to the scrutiny of those we are trying to serve.  

This treatment planning beta is a real time example of “seeing how the sausage gets made,” and we are excited to share these updates with you as we continue to iterate and improve this treatment planning experience. On that note, here are our most recent changes!

What’s changed?

1. There’s a new “Suggested matches” view for each section in the treatment plan

This feature gives you the ability to choose statements in a way that is similar to our current progress note experience (where you see a list of potential options and check a box to add them to the treatment plan).

To toggle the “Suggested matches” view, press the forward slash key  “/” on your keyboard. 

suggested matches view

2. We’ve added additional DSM diagnoses (about 350 more statements)

Specifically, we’ve added diagnoses statements for the following diagnostic categories:

  • Trauma and stressor
  • Somatic symptom
  • Sleep-wake
  • Sexual dysfunctions

You can use these in your treatment plans, or find them in progress notes by clicking the “diagnoses” option in the “Identifying Information” section.

Note: This was not a copy+paste effort. Each of these statements was compiled and reviewed by my co founder Andrew. He won’t tell me exactly how many hours it took him, but I know that it was a lot!

3. Custom content sharing is available for group practices.

This feature allows members of a group practice to view and edit custom content (e.g. statements and templates) created by other members of their group. 

The benefit here is that one group member can customize Chronicler for their group, and the other group members can automatically use those customizations, without having to duplicate that effort.

To enable this feature for your group practice, send us a message here

If you’re interested in getting Chronicler for your group, let us know here.

In the next couple weeks we’ll be working on cleaning up punctuation and formatting, and adding more diagnoses, among other things.