Change Log March 13th, 2023

by Changelog


This week we’ve rolled out a couple of enhancements for note templates and note formatting to help make Chronicler’s progress notes friendlier for mental health workers practicing in more medically focused environments.

Behind the scenes, we are actively working on increasing customizability, as well as making our help center resources easier to find and navigate. 

What’s changed?

1. Chronicler now supports ‘patient’ terminology

We’ve added a new setting which allows you to switch between ‘patient’ and ‘client’ terminology for your Chronicler progress notes. 

By default, Chronicler uses the term ‘client’, as it is generally applicable and widely understood. However, the term ‘patient’ may be more accurate and meaningful in certain contexts, and we received feedback that it would be helpful for Chronicler to support these contexts as well.

You can find this feature in “My Settings”, under the “Note Formatting” section. When enabled, Chronicler automatically replaces all instances of the term ‘client’ with ‘patient’ in statements, templates, and progress notes.

2. We’ve added the ability to remove a template

You can now remove any custom note templates that you have created. This can help to declutter your list of custom note templates and make it faster to find the templates that you need.

You’ll see this new option when you click the ‘Templates’ button in Chronicler.



3. We’ve added additional DSM diagnoses

Specifically, we’ve added diagnoses statements for the following diagnostic categories:

  • Elimination disorders
  • Disruptive, impulse control, and conduct disorders

You can use these in your treatment plans, or find them in progress notes by clicking the “diagnoses” option in the “Identifying Information” section.