Change Log June 26th, 2023

by Changelog


What’s changed?

Our new “Format Editor” feature is now generally available!

I’ve mentioned in past change logs that we’ve been working on increasing the amount of customization that Chronicler offers for your note formats, and it’s finally time for us to start delivering on that promise.

That’s why, after several weeks of beta testing, and lots of helpful observations and feedback from our beta testers, Andrew and I are excited to announce that the first phase of our new feature (what we’re calling the “format editor”)  is now available for everyone to use!

Here are some of the cool new ways that you can customize your note format with our format editor:

  • You can edit the following properties for each step in the note (i.e. our “Interventions” step)

    • Name – what the step is called
    • Prompt – the question or prompt that’s displayed under the step name in Chronicler’s note builder
    • Sentence Starter – the text that Chronicler uses to start the sentence for a given step

  • You can easily reorder steps in your note with our drag and drop feature.

    • Example: you like our S.O.A.P. note overall, but you feel that a certain step belongs in a different section of the note. Before, that meant additional work for you to rearrange the text once the note was complete, but now you can set it in the format editor and Chronicler will arrange it for you automatically!

    Check out our new help center article for this feature, and then try it out for yourself!