Change Log July 25th, 2023

by Changelog

This change log is “beta forward”, and for good reason. We’ve been working on multiple substantial, and much requested, enhancements to Chronicler, and we’re ready to start showing our work!

What’s Changed?

1. Now in beta: Adding your own custom steps!

We’ve received lots of feedback that it would be helpful for a therapist to be able to add custom steps to Chronicler so that they can appropriately document portions of a session that are specific to their practice needs, and are not currently covered by Chronicler’s default steps. 

With this new feature, you can now add custom steps to your note in our “Format Editor.” Once a custom step is created, you can add some custom statements to it, and incorporate it seamlessly into your note composition workflow in Chronicler!

add custom step

This feature is currently in beta, but is open to anyone who would like access. If you’d like to try it out in beta, let us know here.


2. Now in limited beta: Our new “Rephrase with ChatGPT” feature.

By default, Chronicler’s notes tend to use language and wording that could be described as more “dry” or “clinical.” This was an intentional choice to help make things very clear, but we understand that some therapists prefer a more narrative style of writing in their notes. 

With the rise in popularity of generative A.I. (i.e. artificial intelligence), we’re experimenting with adding “rephrasing” abilities into Chronicler. This new feature allows you to compose your note as normal, and then have Chronicler rephrase it using ChatGPT. This gives a more narrative style of note, while still having the solid foundation of Chronicler’s expertly curated therapy content.

rephrase with chatgpt

A.I. can be a big can of worms, and we want to take a measured, thoughtful approach to adopting it into Chronicler. This beta is our first major foray into this area, and we’re excited to continue learning and improving as we go.

This feature is available to a limited group of beta testers. If you’d like to be considered for beta access, let us know here.


3. Our help center is now easier to find and use.

Being a small company, we want to make our help resources easy to find and use, so that we can focus more of our energy on continuing to improve Chronicler. 

To that end, you can now find our help center articles by using the “?” widget in the bottom right corner of Chronicler. Simply type in your search term (e.g. “note settings”), and the widget will display a list of articles that could be helpful.

If you can’t find what you need, you can send us a message or submit a ticket right in that same “?” widget.

You can also visit the new Chronicler help center directly.