Change Log

Learn about the latest changes to Chronicler.

Change Log February 13, 2023

Laying an invisible foundation For the past couple of weeks, much of our development effort has been focused on laying a foundation for increased customizability. As of now, this work is purely behind the scenes, but in the coming weeks and months you’ll see...

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Change Log – January 30th, 2023

Cybersecurity and constant vigilance The theme for much of this week’s work is cybersecurity. In the course of our normal business, we’re responsible for protecting our systems and the data that they house and transport. To that end, this week we applied security...

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Change Log – January 16, 2023

Beta releases can be scary.  In an ideal scenario, we would only release “picture perfect” software at the optimal time, and then sit back and toast to our inevitable success. However, the process is almost never that straightforward in real life. Instead, it’s an...

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