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Getting started with note templates


As a therapist, you work with a variety of clients in your practice. While progress notes can, and should, reflect each individual session, there are often commonalities and patterns that repeat across multiple sessions or multiple clients.

Note templates in Chronicler make it much easier and faster to complete notes for the types of clients and sessions that you experience the most often.

Consider this example: Counselor Jane works with many clients struggling with depression, and often uses interventions from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. While no two clients or sessions are exactly alike, Jane recognizes that many of her progress notes list similar symptoms, diagnoses, and interventions. In Chronicler, Jane selects the statements she uses most often, and saves them in a custom template named “Depression – CBT.”

When it’s time to draft her next progress note, Jane doesn’t have to spend time re-selecting all those statements. Instead, Jane simply loads the template, and makes any edits that are specific to that session.

What is a Note Template?

A note template is a collection of selected statements that can be saved, and then used later (you don’t have to find and click each individual statement again).

Chronicler provides a starter set of basic templates and allows you to create your own custom templates to meet your specific needs.

Any edits that you make directly in the note are not saved in the note template. This helps ensure that sensitive client info from a previous progress note is not accidentally included in a new note.

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