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Note Formats


As a mental health practitioner, you may need your progress notes to adhere to a specific format. For example, your organization might require that all notes follow the S.O.A.P. note format.

In this article, we’ll cover what note formats Chronicler supports, and walk through how to select a note format.

Chronicler instantly formats your note as you create it, so you can follow the same workflow no matter which format you select!

Supported Note Formats

Chronicler currently supports the following formats:


Our custom note format.

This format allows your note’s content to tell the story, without adding extra sections or labels.


This format is widely used in the medical profession (among other disciplines), and is composed of four sections.

  • S = Subjective
  • O = Objective
  • A = Assessment
  • P = Plan


This format is widely used in healthcare and psychotherapy (among other disciplines), and is composed of three sections.

  • D = Data
  • A = Assessment
  • P = Plan

How To Choose Your Note Format

  1. Login to Chronicler.
  2. Click the three vertical lines in the upper left hand corner of your screen to open the Menu.
  3. Choose ‘My Settings’ to go to your settings.
  4. Find the list of available formats in the ‘Note Formatting’ section.
  5. Select your desired format (Optimum is the default).
  6. You’re ready to go! Chronicler will automatically format your progress notes to fit the selected format.

Note: You can switch note formats at any time, however your current note may be lost if you switch formats midway through a note.

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