How to Claim Your V.I.P. Discount

Coupon Walkthrough

Thank you for trying out Chronicler!

In this guide, we’ll show you how to use your VIP Coupon Code to get 50% off your 1st year of Chronicler access.

Using Your Coupon Code

1. Open the email with subject ‘Coupon Code for Chronicler’ and find the coupon code IMACHRONICLERVIP.

2. Double click that code to select it, and then right mouse click and choose ‘Copy’ to copy that code to your clipboard. We’ll paste that in the Therapy Shelf Store in a moment.

3. After the code is copied, click the ‘Therapy Shelf Store’ link. This will open the Therapy Shelf store in your internet browser.

    4. When the window opens, you will see that the Annual plan is already selected. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to proceed to the checkout screen.

      5. On the Checkout screen, click the blue bar with text “Have a coupon?” This reveals a field where you can paste in your coupon code.

        6. Right mouse click, and choose ‘Paste’ to paste in your coupon code. Then click ‘Apply Coupon.

          7. The coupon is applied, and your price drops to $75.00.

          8. After applying your coupon, enter in your billing details, email address and password.

            Important Note for Email and Password: 

            a) Please use the same email address you already use to access Chronicler. This email, along with the password you create, will give you access to Chronicler and the Therapy Shelf Store.

            b) You can think of your email and password as a ‘Master Key’ for all things Therapy Shelf

              9. Afterwards, enter your credit card details, and check the box labelled ‘Save Credit Card For Future Use’. This allows us to automatically process your renewal, and saves you from having to fiddle with payment methods in the future.

              9. Accept the Terms and Conditions, and subscribe to our newsletter if you’d like to. It’s a great way to stay up to date with what’s new for Chronicler and Therapy Shelf.

              11. When you’re ready, click ‘Checkout’, and we’ll process your order.

              12. When your Order is completed, you’ll be taken to a screen like this:

              13. And You’re done! You now have a full year’s access to Chronicler at a great price. Check below for info on logging in with your new subscription.

              Emails You’ll Receive From Us

              After purchasing a subscription, you will receive a couple of emails from us. Here’s what you can expect to see:

              1. Request to verify your email address. We do this for security purposes to help keep your account secure. That email will look similar to the following:

              2. Order Confirmation Email. This email contains your subscription details. You can also find those details by logging into the Therapy Shelf Store. That email will look similar to the following:

              Logging In With Your Credentials

              Logging in with your new subscription is easy! 

              1. Go to, and click ‘I have a subscription’ on the Login Selection page.

              2. On the login page, enter the email and password that you created during checkout.

              3. And you’re back into Chronicler, ready to fly through more progress notes!

              Reach Out

              Please reach out to us for any questions or issues. You can reach us in a couple of ways:

              Thank you so much for using Chronicler!

              All the best,

              Andrew and Philip

              Coupon Walkthrough Video

              You can also view this video for a step by step guide. For your best viewing experience, please view on YouTube.