Expert progress note software for mental health professionals.

Why Chronicler?

Good documentation is necessary, but therapists often struggle to keep it up.

Chronicler’s web-based program makes writing high quality progress notes fast and effortless.

Other Therapists Agree

Chronicler has helped me write thorough, effective, and consistent progress notes, and it helps me do so in less time than writing my notes by hand or even by using templates.

I use Chronicler to quickly create complete progress notes, and I then copy these notes into my EHR platform with just a click. I have setup Chronicler to include my most used modalities (EMDR, CBT, and IFS), to present my notes in DAP format, and I have added custom interventions to match my own approach to counseling.

Not only does this tool help me better utilize my time, but support for Chronicler has regularly been fast to respond and willing to accept and implement feedback. I highly recommend Chronicler to any therapist!

AJ Spatz

I am so grateful to have found Therapy Shelf.  It has been a game-changer for me.  I have worked as a therapist for 16 years and this is the first time in my life that I feel in control of my progress notes. 

I use to drag my feet to begin the process of writing progress notes because I knew that it would take hours to complete.  I would end up using my Saturday morning to write my progress notes.  On most days, I am now able to complete my notes on the day of the session.   Getting my notes completed quicker is such a mental relief. 

In addition, I own a group practice where I supervise my employees and I have obtained a Therapy Shelf subscription.   With Therapy Shelf, I feel more secure that if I am audited by an insurance company the notes in my group practice will have a substantial amount of information to be more likely to meet the requirements of the audit.  

JoAnne Singh, LMHC

Clinical Director, Fully Integrated Psychotherapy & Consultation


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Scroll and Click

Just scroll and click your way through your progress notes. No more time wondering how best to word your progress note; get the clinical language instantly.

Search Everything

Search by modality, diagnostic categories, the descriptors, or even the statement text so that you can find anything you need to for your therapy practice. Naturally, you can save your own statements to have them always available.

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Edit Anytime

Make minor edits at any time during your progress notes. Any edited text is only stored on your device so you can include confidential information.

Progress Notes Anywhere

You can make therapeutic progress notes anywhere. Chronicler runs in your browser, so you get the same great notes experience on your phone, tablet, or desktop.

Chronicler is compatible with all the major electronic health record software. Just paste it into your favorite EHR or print it out to store the paper copy.

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