Andrew Huber, LMFT #118700

About Us

I believe everyone deserves high quality therapy. The problem was, as a therapist in training, I did not think I was giving it. To make matters worse, I hated progress notes. When I slogged through the time-consuming notes, I was reminded of all the things I did not know.

Even as a licensed therapist, I wanted to be a better therapist. I wanted to remove the immense barriers to providing informed and competent care in a timely way. I knew I needed help and so asked my software developer friend to help. Philip’s diligence and commitment to excellence gave the program life. I dissected scores of books, articles, and conducted interviews while Philip spent many a long night in the programming dungeon.

Chronicler is the result.



Our Mission

We believe self-examination is a fundamental part of being human and allows us to grow. Too few people can access high quality therapy. We aim to revolutionize the therapy field by lowering the barriers to the therapy field while raising the standard of excellence. We want therapy to be more accessible for clients and to allow more therapists a chance to achieve both competence and sustainability.

We’re doing this first by making a progress notes creator called Chronicler, and that is just the first step.

Philip Breedlove